14/02/2017, 14:12
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20/07/2016, 09:02
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27/08/2015, 09:02
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01/02/2015, 19:42
gietarka-drutu-w-3d-juz-pracuje-2 Zakupiliśmy automat do gięcia drutu typu 3D 2/6 CNC. To...



Welcome to the website of STAWO - a long established developer and manufacturer of POS display systems.

We will be happy to equip your shops with wire display holders, gridwall mesh displays, wire cubes and a lot more - anything you wish made of wire, tubes and sheet metal. We produce large series as well as single tailor-made items.


"STAWO" is a private firm founded in 1988. Founder and owner is Stanislaw Wojcik. We produce elements out of wire, employ 35 persons and specialize in the production of elements for furnishing of shop interiors: shelves, baskets, stands etc. We manufacture wire articles for houshold, sport and industry such as grids, hooks and handles.

We have our own powder spraying facility for our products of the maximal size of 3,6 x 1,5 x 1,2 m. However, our products can also be galvanized.

We offer a multitude of ready-made products but will produce any item according to your plan, irrespective of the ordered quantity.


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